Well, This is Goodbye

Well, sadly, Fireplace and I (Snow) have decided that we’re no longer going to continue blogging on Penguin Incorporated – this is our last post. This is for a variety of reasons, as well. For one thing, school has been busier than ever for Fireplace and I, and it’s been notably harder for me to even attempt to make time to post. Additionally, we’ve both lost a lot of the passion that we had for blogging, especially Fireplace. So, we decided that it would be of everyone’s best interest to stop blogging – for us, it means we no longer have to worry about posting, and for you guys, it means you’re not wondering what in the world happened to us.

However, you can still contact us if you’d like to:

Fireplace48’s Twitter – @fireplace48cp

SnowT112’s Twitter (mainly inactive) – @ThisisSnowy

If you have any questions or concerns or anything like that, leave us a comment or contact us on twitter. Blogging has been a great experience for both Fireplace and I, and we’ll always remember Penguin Incorporated and everyone who followed our posts.

Thanks everyone!

~SnowT112, Penguin Incorporated Administrator / Co-Owner

Club Penguin Times Issue #471

This years Club Penguin Halloween Party is basically the same as last year and has a few spooky activities that you can take part in as well. Here is the Top of CP Times Issue #471


The second part Aunt Artic talks about getting in the spirit of Halloween and how its right around the corner, check it out!


The last part of CP Times is your upcoming events in early November.


Fireplace48 PenguinIncoporated Co-Owner

To Remember those who died on the day of 9/11

On September the 11 2001 the unthinkable happened in the New York City. Two planes had crashed into the World Trade Center or also known as the twin towers.
Both planes had been hijacked by the terrorist group al kida, and the leader of this group was Oh Sama Bin Laden. Once the towers were hit the first time most people thought that it had been an accident and the the plane had lost control. But the second time that it happened people knew that this wasn’t an accident that it was a terrorist attack on the us.

And all that America knew was that they were under attack. After the second plane had hit most people had gone into shock and could not believe what they were seeing .

The streets of NYC or New York City would never be the same. As the event unfolded hundreds of firefighters police news crews and civilians of the city were all scrambling to get to safety at least the ones who had made it out.
The firefighters and the police had started to evacuate people away from the scene. Once the police had cleared the streets from the upset people and chaos that had been spreading around police and firefighters had to think about other more important things. Meanwhile away from the city were news crews trying to get a shot of the action live from the ground of even in the air if they could still fly until instructed to land.
People that were in their homes had been watching three their windows and were told to stay inside and to not let in any outside debris that had fallen from the towers above. Meanwhile the news crews and news networks including CNN News 7 and ABC all had been recording live just a couple of blocks away and were going to have to stay on the move if they wanted to stay a safe distanced from the towers.
A fews minutes later there we’re three more planes that crashed.
The third plane that crashed was flight United Airlines 175 American Airlines Flight 93 and another American Airlines 737 flight 77 all had crashed in different locations but suspiciously all had crashed around the same areas .
Once the News Crews and FAA and NOMAD had known about the crashes planes they took abrasive action and had all planes to immediately land to the nearest airport.
The third plane flight 77 had crashed into the pentagon in Washington D.C. Flight. 93 was also trying to head to Washington D.C. When the passengers tried to wake over the plane and make the hijackers to land the plane or to at least try and save it but sadly that didn’t happen due to that the lane had crashed in a field western Pennsylvania. Back at the World Trade Center in New York City things weren’t looking any better than they had been before. But all of the sudden the heartbreaking moment happened in front of millions of people.
People that were trapped inside the towers up top on the 103 -105 floor had started to break window and jump and fall to the 1000 foot death. Once this occurred their was nothing else that could be done.
Then at 9:35 AM the south tower fell. After being on fire for about an hour or so. Then an hour later at 10:28 AM the north tower crumbled and fell to the ground and people said it sounded like a freight train coming tight at them.
Once the towers fell millions of people ran to the find the safest place that they could find, to hide from the debris cloud that followed. Then everything went very silent according to the people on the ground and everything was black. And just was silent until the debris cloud had cleared.
A few days after the incident New York City and America could be changed forever. It took months and a few years to clean up the blocks of debris,paper,bodies and anything that her fallen to the streets. Once the city had been Cleaned up after a few hard years of clean up, today New York City and America itself will never forget the day that changed America and history.

Today New York City stills remembers the day that the towers fell. Where the old World Trade Center had been standing is replaced by all 3000 people that died all together in the towers on the ground and just from the debris and cloud of black dirty concrete filled air. This date many years from now will always be remembered as the day that changed history and America itself.

Fireplace48cp PenguinIncorporated Co-Owner

Just Many of the Names that are still remembered today and also just many of the people who had died in this horrific event.


<a href=”https://

A remembrance that America will not be the same ever again due to this tragedy.


Penguin Style September 2014

Hello everyone! This months Penguin Style is all new for the month of September.! Well don’t just stare go and check them out for yourself! Here are some photos of the new items that members and non members items that you will be finding in the September Penguin Style.!  Please note that some items are only available until October 1st. Most of the items that you will see have to do with the movie “Frozen”.
















Penguin_Style_September_2014_#_11 Penguin_Style_September_2014_#_12_



~Fireplace48, Penguin Incorporated Co-Owner

Fire is back.!

Hey Everyone! Just would like to vice you a quick update about the site. Firplace48cp will be posting more often to PenguinIncorporated and trying to keep it as up to date as possible. My other co owner of the site SnowT112 will posting as well as my three co owner of PenguinIncorporated Dhi228. We hope that from here penguinincorporated will be grow even more than it already has been. :) we really do love your support for the site and hope that it will continue to grow. :) anyway until next time. Waddle on!

Fireplace48 cp PenguinIncorporated Co-Owner.

Site Update Notice Labor Day Weekend.

Hey Visitors! I just wanted to give you a quick update on the site and why it might not be updated for a few days due to the Labor Day Weekend approaching. Penguin Incorporated should be back up and running like normal this coming up Tuesday. Please note that Penguin Incorporated may be updated over this weekend by the other authors however I just wanted to advise you that you may not see Fireplace48cp posting for a while due tot the four day weekend that is coming upon us  Thank you for your cooperation. :)

Fireplace48cp PenguinIncorporated Co-Owner 

Collecting Snowflakes for the Frozen Party and to win prizes as well.

  • In this post I will tell you where the three snowflakes are throughout the island and also to work your way up to the prizes that you might win along the way!
  • Please note that their are multiple snowflakes that you will need to find the unlock these prizes! (Hint: The first 3 snowflakes will be located at the beach.
  • Here’s the first one! Please note that the first snowflake I had already collected but the tree is where you would normally find it.
  • Here are the three places you will need to click to collect all three snowflakes.Snowflakes_112
  • Once you have collected all three snowflakes the snowflake at the top of your screen will start to throw snow out of it like this.


  • This is the first section of snowflakes/prizes that you will eventually earn. ATTENTION!: PLEASE read the following below.




  • After you’ve collected the three snowflakes the same thing will happen at the top right of your screen which is that the big snowflake will start to throw snow again. (Note this will repeat every time you collect all of the three new snowflakes at the new location.)


  • Congrats! You’ve collected all of the snowflakes in the first three parts of the island! Note you will need to waddle on over to the town and collect the three snowflakes.


  • Note that the Snowflake in the top right of your screen will burst with snow again as well once you’ve collected all of the snowflakes.


  • Select Collect and then move onto the next three snowflakes you will then need to travel to the Snow Forts.


  • Once done repeat the same process as the last time. Click on the snowflake at the top right of your screen. Then followed by collected your prizes.


  • Now move onto the Plaza and collect the snowflakes their as well and collect the following.


  • Click Collect.


  • Now waddle on over to the Forest and collect the following.


  • Now click collect.


  • Waddle on over to the last location the cove.


  • Congrats! You’ve collected all of the snowflakes! Now go ahead and collect the prizes that are available! Please note that some prizes may not be available to some non membership players however, there are still many things you can get for free as well!

Well everyone I hope that you have a wonderful time searching the island for these snowflakes and that it will be fun as well! :)

-Fireplace48 PenguinIncorporated Co-Owner 

Club Penguin Times Issue #461

  • This weeks CPT or Club Penguin Times Issue #460 has to due with the new Disney Frozen Party Take a look!
  • Please Note that the Club Penguin Frozen Party is also available on the Club Penguin App as well! Go ahead an download in the App Store for iPad,iPhone, and iPod Touch as well! 
  • Also note that the Frozen Party will be going on until September 3rd.Club_Penguin_Times_Issue_#461


  • In the second Section of Club Penguin Times the article is titled “Reindeer” and also mentions Olaf and Anna from the Disney movie Frozen. Go ahead an take a look to see for yourself!Reindeer_


In the last section of Club Penguin Times, instead of Upcoming Events for the island it has been changed to Island Rumors take a look for yourself!Island_Rumors_


-Fireplace48 PenguinIncorporated Co-Owner