Site Update Notice Labor Day Weekend.

Hey Visitors! I just wanted to give you a quick update on the site and why it might not be updated for a few days due to the Labor Day Weekend approaching. Penguin Incorporated should be back up and running like normal this coming up Tuesday. Please note that Penguin Incorporated may be updated over this weekend by the other authors however I just wanted to advise you that you may not see Fireplace48cp posting for a while due tot the four day weekend that is coming upon us  Thank you for your cooperation. :)

Fireplace48cp PenguinIncorporated Co-Owner 

Collecting Snowflakes for the Frozen Party and to win prizes as well.

  • In this post I will tell you where the three snowflakes are throughout the island and also to work your way up to the prizes that you might win along the way!
  • Please note that their are multiple snowflakes that you will need to find the unlock these prizes! (Hint: The first 3 snowflakes will be located at the beach.
  • Here’s the first one! Please note that the first snowflake I had already collected but the tree is where you would normally find it.
  • Here are the three places you will need to click to collect all three snowflakes.Snowflakes_112
  • Once you have collected all three snowflakes the snowflake at the top of your screen will start to throw snow out of it like this.


  • This is the first section of snowflakes/prizes that you will eventually earn. ATTENTION!: PLEASE read the following below.




  • After you’ve collected the three snowflakes the same thing will happen at the top right of your screen which is that the big snowflake will start to throw snow again. (Note this will repeat every time you collect all of the three new snowflakes at the new location.)


  • Congrats! You’ve collected all of the snowflakes in the first three parts of the island! Note you will need to waddle on over to the town and collect the three snowflakes.


  • Note that the Snowflake in the top right of your screen will burst with snow again as well once you’ve collected all of the snowflakes.


  • Select Collect and then move onto the next three snowflakes you will then need to travel to the Snow Forts.


  • Once done repeat the same process as the last time. Click on the snowflake at the top right of your screen. Then followed by collected your prizes.


  • Now move onto the Plaza and collect the snowflakes their as well and collect the following.


  • Click Collect.


  • Now waddle on over to the Forest and collect the following.


  • Now click collect.


  • Waddle on over to the last location the cove.


  • Congrats! You’ve collected all of the snowflakes! Now go ahead and collect the prizes that are available! Please note that some prizes may not be available to some non membership players however, there are still many things you can get for free as well!

Well everyone I hope that you have a wonderful time searching the island for these snowflakes and that it will be fun as well! :)

-Fireplace48 PenguinIncorporated Co-Owner 

Club Penguin Times Issue #461

  • This weeks CPT or Club Penguin Times Issue #460 has to due with the new Disney Frozen Party Take a look!
  • Please Note that the Club Penguin Frozen Party is also available on the Club Penguin App as well! Go ahead an download in the App Store for iPad,iPhone, and iPod Touch as well! 
  • Also note that the Frozen Party will be going on until September 3rd.Club_Penguin_Times_Issue_#461


  • In the second Section of Club Penguin Times the article is titled “Reindeer” and also mentions Olaf and Anna from the Disney movie Frozen. Go ahead an take a look to see for yourself!Reindeer_


In the last section of Club Penguin Times, instead of Upcoming Events for the island it has been changed to Island Rumors take a look for yourself!Island_Rumors_


-Fireplace48 PenguinIncorporated Co-Owner

Fire is back!:)

Hey everyone just wanted to let you all know that I should be posting very soon and that I am back from vacation until next week, by the way sorry to keep leaving you guys I really don’t want too but I have too! Anyway love you guys and hope that you enjoy the site.! Waddle on! :)
~Fireplace48 Penguin Incorporated Co- Owner

Day 10 of Club Penguin Items

The last batch of free items for this Music Jam has arrived! They are the MP3000 Bling Edition and the Urban Diva Outfit. You may collect them by clicking on the icon at the top right hand corner of your screen.

Screenshot at Jul 28 20-22-32


Screenshot at Jul 28 20-22-22

I think it’s great that Club Penguin made a free version of the MP3000 as many penguins, both members and non-members, wanted it. What was your favourite part of the party? Tell us in the comments!

-Dhi228, Penguin Incorporated Author

Fireplace48 is Leaving for Vacation!

Hey guys. Fireplace48, the admin of this great Club Penguin cheats site, will be leaving for vacation today. He will be gone for about a week.
Anyway, don’t worry. In the meantime, Snowt112 and I will be updating the website for you. Let’s hope that Fireplace48 will have a great time there :)

Waddle on!
-Dhi228, Penguin Incorporated Author

Zendaya Starts Performing in Club Penguin!

Zendaya has started performing on Club Penguin’s Music Cruise. She will be making her second appearance in Club Penguin after appearing before in the Ultimate Jam 2012 as Rocky from Disney Channel’s Shake It Up.

To obtain her background, click her penguin when she is performing.

Screenshot at Jul 25 21-29-43

Here is how the background looks like on my penguin.

Screenshot at Jul 25 21-32-15

Do you like this background? I’m pretty sure it was splendid! As Zendaya will be the last performer of the Music Jam, we are currently able to GET every performer’s background until the end of the party. Which was your favourite party? Leave a comment below!

-Dhi228, Penguin Incorporated Author



Club Penguin EPF Message By Gary

Gary has sent us a new EPF message on our spy phones. It is about the Racer 3000 having an issue. Here is the message.


Screenshot at Jul 25 21-26-21


‘Some minor setbacks have occurred with the Racer 3000s. Don’t mind the explosions. Everything is on track for next week!’

Are you excited for the Turbo Race 3000 next week? I’m sure that Gary is! Tell us in the comments whether you are excited too.

-Dhi228, Penguin Incorporated Author

Music Jam 2014- DJ Cole Plante Starts Performing

Dj Cole Plante can now be seen performing at the Music Cruise along with Cadence + Penguin Band and Violetta. You may obtain his background by clicking on his penguin’s avatar. Here is how he looks in-game.



If you’re wondering how his background looks on my penguin, scroll below to have a look.


Wow, Club Penguin do seem to be keeping their best performance the last ( Sorry Cadence, you’re the first performer :P ) Which was your favorite performance so far? Share your opinion with other penguins by writing a comment!

-Dhi228, Penguin Incorporated Author